Republic of Yemen (الجمهورية اليمنية); Tribes at war

Writing about the Republic of Yemen is a pretty new thing. Just a few years ago, we had have to talk about the Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen), a republic since 1962, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), controlled by the British till 1967, and under a Communist government afterwards. The modern… Read More »

South-Sudan, ethnic civil war

    Formed from the 10 southern-most states of Sudan, and with its capital in Juba, the Republic of South Sudan is a land of expansive grassland, swamps and tropical rain forest straddling both banks of the White Nile. It limits south of Sudan, north of Uganda and Kenya and west of Ethiopia. It is also… Read More »

افغانستان Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: Beyond the headlines.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in southern Asia, north and west of Pakistan, at the east of Iran. Kabul, the major urban area, is the capital, and one of the 34 provinces in the country. The climate there is arid to semiarid, with cold winters and hot summers. The terrain is mostly rugged mountains, with… Read More »

བོད Tibet (Cholka-Sum). A story of ethnic prejudice and religious repression.

                    The history of conflict in the so called “roof of the World” dates back to 821, before the Mongol invasions, with the peace treaty between Tibet and China, signed after 200 years of conflict over border regions. It established Tibet as independent with its own inviolable territory.  Tibet retained some autonomy and enjoyed… Read More »

Central African Republic

“In CAR, it is cheaper to buy a grenade than a baguette.” Will the international community respond to the threat of genocide in the Central African Republic?                  As South Africans cheered President Barack Obama’s speech at the funeral of Nelson Mandela and his legacy of tolerance and reconciliation, a nation of 4.6 million people… Read More »

Ukrainian Crisis

What is the background? Ukraine has been culturally divided since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, when a referendum for the independence was successful by a 90% in favor and Kravchuk became the first elected President, succeeded by Kuchma. The South and East of the country has a Russian culture (Russian is widely spoken… Read More »